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WaW has gone open source!


Thank you for looking into donating!

You'll notice there are no ads on Worlds at War. My only revenue stream is donations.

Here is a list of cool things you get if you donate at least 5 of the Queen's finest British currency (£GBP):

  1. Supporting an indie game and its dev!   Heart
  2. A fancy blue username in various places
  3. The option to have a custom flag and avatar
  4. The option to have a custom flagship picture
  5. An anthem to be displayed on your world page
  6. The ability to change your world descriptor and leader title
  7. Contribute a quote to the random selection appearing at the foot of every page (contact me in some way for this)

A section of the settings page after donation:


Include the username or world number of the person you wish to receive donor status to speed things up!

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke


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