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« on: February 21, 2014, 04:54:58 pm »
Main Rules:
    • It's just a game.
    • Only one account per person. This applies to both the forum and the game. If there is more than one person playing from your IP, or you suspect that there might be, you must mention it here or your world may be deleted without warning.
    • You must have a valid link to your world in your forum signature. The link can be found here.
    • No hate speech. I'm not going to punish for the occasional 'faggot' here and there, but continued use is frowned upon.
    • No evading word filters by being clever with characters you use.
    • Do not spam or derail threads. If you want to funpost, there is a funposting board[/url]. A guide to what is considered funposting may be found here.
    • Do not post gigantic images. Use the resize function gratuitously. A guide may be found here. 800px wide is the general limit. Exceptions will generally be made for one-off OP posts or sig images.
    • Try to use quotes reasonably. Quoting an entire OP just to say 'me too' or the like is frowned upon and may be considered funposting.
    • Do not backseat-moderate. Use the report function on the forums, PM a moderator from this list, or make a post here.
    • The only discussion of moderation is to be done here.
    • No posting of IRL information of any kind (your own is fine I guess).
    • No 18+ stuff. This includes questionable avatars, sigs, world names, descriptions, etc.
    • The right is reserved to change/delete any posts.
    • No illegal stuff anywhere.

    Board Rules:

      • If you find a bug that can be abused for an advantage, post in the exploits board instead.

      • No spam. By this I mean text walls / repeated images or posts / any other meaningless post.
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      Re: RULES
      « Reply #1 on: October 30, 2015, 12:44:19 am »
      1. HAIL THE MODS