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Galactic Lottery

Current Jackpot: 377882300 GEU

Previous winner: Malfoy with a prize pot of 650 GEU




AggressorFederationDefenderFederationCasus Belli
Chaos None Imperial The Federal Colonies I don't like you
Queen The FFF holly terra The Federal Colonies ooga booga



Sent by Kamakazi_Sunshine:

I straight up give shit away, What y'all niggas need? need Ships? I'll build @ geu cost for bion, no need to send materials. I'll always take any spare cash if you ever have a surplus :^)


Sent: 04:55:33 on 18th Sept.

Sent by Vilâyet-i Clêon:

need Adamantium


Sent: 05:15:20 on 17th Sept.

Sent by Vilâyet-i Clêon:

Elsweyr lower your fuel prices


Sent: 19:32:25 on 14th Sept.




Total Worlds:1450
Amyntas Worlds:489
Bion Worlds:294
Cleon Worlds:357
Draco Worlds:310
Galactic GDP:576465 million GEU
Galactic Budget:1972740.1 GEU
Galactic Growth:1107 million GEU
Galactic Warpfuel Supply:14982640
Galactic Warpfuel Production:275930 per turn
Galactic Duranium Supply:5597649
Galactic Duranium Production:55353 per turn
Galactic Tritanium Supply:1267719
Galactic Tritanium Production:10104 per turn
Galactic Adamantium Supply:231172
Galactic Adamantium Production:1283 per turn
Total Freighters:7250
Total Shipyards:57599
Total Fighters:62838
Total Corvettes:29790
Total Light Cruisers:20404
Total Destroyers:8635
Total Frigates:4812
Total Heavy Cruisers:2504
Total Battlecruisers:1890
Total Battleships:1260
Total Dreadnoughts:400
Total Worlds at Fighter level:1182
Total Worlds at Corvette level:104
Total Worlds at Light Cruiser level:56
Total Worlds at Destroyer level:44
Total Worlds at Frigate level:21
Total Worlds at Heavy Cruiser level:14
Total Worlds at Battlecruiser level:9
Total Worlds at Battleship level:7
Total Worlds at Dreadnought level:13
Total Warpoints:4064
Free Market Worlds:312
Mixed Economy Worlds:357
Central Planning Worlds:780
Liberal Democracies:418
Totalitarian Democracies:103
Single-Party Worlds:140
Fleet Admiralty Worlds:480
"Make no mistake, war is coming. With all its glory, and all its horror." - Arcturus Mengsk


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