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Welcome to Worlds at War.

Many thanks to the following, who have decided to support me and Worlds at War:

YeshuaChrist dissonanz Big Willy Ept2415
The Weederlands CommyWommy DrKourin ICEheaven102
VenerableSage Bilbo_Swaggins Admiral_Parangosky Slim
dable Reagan Akeuw CHODE_DEMOLISHER
LordAtlas Caesar Halert illuminatty
niko Kronos Proditor FinalSolution
Frank_Underwood AEthelstan True_Evangelion InfantImpaler
Ihaveaname Kamakazi_Sunshine Bubblegum Crontical
DoctorLoki Lykos taikuh Ashe
XENO Reuenthal annetagonist Clarissa
Crusader1488 Whiskertoes amazinglyaverage DrCrabgrass
Mengele-chan Karazian hugoagogo Supreme_Commander_Obongo
hotler Masih_ad-Dajjal Ironboot necterion
"There is great pleasure in fighting to gain power, but it is joyless to fight for the sake of maintaining it." - Reinhard von Lohengramm


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