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Domestic policies in Worlds at War are policies which would affects your world's contentment, stability, rebel, and quality of life statistic. It could also be used to shift your world's Political System from Liberal Democracy to Autocracy and vice-versa.

Note: The higher a world's quality of life is, the faster it decays. It is up to the individual whether they want to renew their world's QoL so that it is constantly maximized, or if they only wish to periodically keep it from dipping below average.

Policy Cost Description
Round Up Dissenters 50 GEU Stability will rise slightly and your government will become more authoritarian, but people will be unhappy.

Effects: Political alignment shift towards Autocracy, Stability+ (Is there a happiness penalty?)

Free Political Prisoners 50 GEU Your government will become more democratic if you free those who criticize you, but Stability will drop slightly and your prisoners might even join the rebels.

Effects: Political alignment shift towards Democracy, Stability-, Rebels++ (possibly)

Martial Law 500 GEU Declare Martial Law. This can only be done when your world is in a state of war for over 24 hours. The Fleet Admiralty will take control and you will gain military units. stability will greatly increase but you will lose the people's perception. Can't be done if you're already a fleet admirality

Effects: Gain (10-x) amount of ships of your highest production tier where x is your production tier. So at tier 1 you get 10 fighters, at tier 2: 9 corvettes and so on
Stability+++, Perception--

Citybuilding Program GDP Growth × 100 GEU If you build cities for your people to live in, they will be happier and their quality of life might increase. Cost varies with growth and economic system (1.5x for Mixed Economy and 2 for Central Planning).

Effects: Perception+, 5% chance of Quality of Life+

Literacy Program (Should be re-named Education, what kind of space faring civilization has literacy problems?) 100% of GDP You can set up a free worldwide literacy program for your people, and their Quality of Life will increase as a result.

Effects: Quality of Life+, Perception+

Healthcare Program 150% of GDP Put free healthcare provisions in place for your people and their quality of life will increase tremendously.

Effects: Quality of Life++, Perception+


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