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A world's political system decides whether a world's stability depends on its quality of life, it's perception of its leader (you), or on both aspects equally. A world's political system can vary from a Liberal Democracy to an Autocracy, and each political system offers its own set of bonuses.

Political Systems

Liberal Democracy

The stability of a world ruled by a Liberal Democracy depends almost entirely on a world's perception of its leader, which is most easily modified by building free housing for its people. Additionally, elections may be held if the ruler's popularity is above Middling, and can also be improved along with a world's Quality of Life by buying a Literacy Program or by constructing a Healthcare Program.

Totalitarian Democracy

The stability of an Totalitarian Democracy depends slightly less on the world's perception of its leader than a Liberal Democracy, and a little more on the world's Quality of Life. Additionally, there is a greater chance for counterintelligence to be successful (unconfirmed).

Single-Party Rule

The stability of a world governed by a One-Party Rule will depend equally on the world's perception of its leader and its Quality of Life. Additionally, One-Party Rules are more likely to receive beneficial random events.

Fleet Admiralty

The stability of a Fleet Admiralty depends mostly on its citizens' Quality of Life. Additionally, Worlds ruled by Fleet Admiralties are more likely to receive random events that benefit its military.


The stability of an Autocracy depends almost entirely on its peoples' Quality of Life. Autocracies have access to the Forced Labor economic policy, which provides 5 growth without a GEU cost, but slightly lowers the world's Quality of Life, its peoples' perception of its ruler, its stability, and slightly increases the amount of rebels a world has.

Domestic Status

-5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4
Planetary enemy Despised Hated Disliked Middling Decent Liked Loved Planetary hero God amongst men
Anarchy Brink of Collapse Chaotic Rioting Growing Tensions Manageable Ticking over Efficient Pillar of society Unsinkable
System-wide War Open Rebellion Tenacious Guerrillas Organized Squadrons Scattered Fighters None - - - -
Quality of Life
Wasteland Edge of collapse Abject misery Disadvantaged Average Reasonable Decent Civilized Sophisticated Utopia

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