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The living standard your people have. Quality of life will affect your Stability and income depending on what level your quality of life is. If your quality of life is red then it will lower your stability with an amount that depends on your quality level. The lower quality of life the more it will drag down your stability unless you have a very good Perception that compensate over the loss of Stability. There are currently 9 levels for quality of life. Neutral colored levels does not imply that it wont affect your stability. Decent and reasonable levels will still slightly increase your stability while disadvantaged will slightly decrease your stability. An effective way of increasing quality of life is by running a Healthcare Program(found under domestic policies).

Keep in mind that the higher quality of life the faster it will decay which in the long run is more expensive. Therefore if you already have a high Stability and a high Perception then it is recommended that you keep your quality of life at decent or reasonable level. This way your Stability-level will decrease very slowly and you don't have to waste all your money on those healthcare programs. The recent update (26:th april 2014) has improved quality of life, having maximum quality of life will grant you an income of 120% of your gdp. Neutral levels grant you 100% and red levels will grant you an income that is lower than 100% of your GDP. Having quality life down at wasteland level will only grant you an income that is 60% of your GDP. The updates implies that quality of life is not useless anymore.

Also, if you have the worst QoL available, the font of your WaW page will become COMIC SANS. It is uncertain yet, but there have been reports of people that have lost their ships due to an event triggered by having low Stability or low Quality of Life, or low Perception

Levels for Quality of Life

  • Wasteland
  • Edge of collapse
  • Abject of misery
  • Disadvantaged
  • Average
  • Reasonable
  • Decent
  • Civilized
  • Sophisticated
  • Utopia


Budget update improving QoL


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