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The stability of a world is based on a world's perception of its leader, its quality of life, and the rebel presence within the world (if any). Having a positive stability is considered essential to almost all players, as having high stability will give a world a growth bonus and raise its budget capacity.

There are unconfirmed reports of people that have lost their ships due to an event triggered by having low Stability or low Quality of Life, or low Perception

Levels of Stability

Stability Level Effect
Unsinkable +5 Growth, +20% budget cap
Pillar of Society +3 Growth, +10% budget cap
Efficient +1 Growth, +5% budget cap
Ticking Over None
Manageable None
Growing Tensions None
Rioting None
Chaotic -1 Growth, -5% budget cap
Brink of Collapse -3 Growth, -10% budget cap
Anarchy -5 Growth, -20% budget cap


If a world's stability is at Anarchy for an extended period of time, there is a strong chance that the world will experience a revolution, which acts as a reset for the world. The world will experience a significant drop in its GDP, its growth will be reset, its perception, quality of life, government, and economic model will stabilize (by equalling each section's base/center value). This usually only happens to inactive worlds.


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