The Dark Brotherhood

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The Dark Brotherhood
Founded 2013
Founded By ...the Mongols and darkness
Peak Members 32
Ideology Neutral
Motto Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptised in blood and fear.
Current leader ...the Mongols
Second in Command darkness
Officers Grapha, Lustria, Coldoldgold, Malakal
Noteworthy Members Drew Pickles


Have you not heard of the Dark Brotherhood? Of the influential and silent guild of assassins and homicidal slaughterers? Join us and you'll find the Dark Brotherhood all that and so much more. We are more than anything a union of like minded individual.

Follow our tenants, join the family, and answer the call; "What is the color of night?"


Non-Aggression Pacts:

Optional Defense Pacts:

Mutual Defense Pacts:




The Dark Brotherhood (TDB or simply DB) is an alliance created by the players, Genghis Khan (nation of ...the mongols) and Cicero (nation of Darkness) in December. Unlike most alliances, leadership is shared between the two founding nations mentioned above. It quickly grew to 40 members but suffered an attack from Comintern which over halved its membership. While it was originally not part of a supra-alliance, it quickly joined ANON when they decided to attack Comintern in response to their aggressive behaviour. The Dark Brotherhood signed SWORD and remains a member of ANON till the death of >Bloc 2.0.

The death of >Bloc 2.0 and mass exodus from >Bloc, forced The Dark Brotherhood to migrate from >Bloc to WaW/Heidibloc. After a few months of >Bloc being dead, Rumsod, owner and game developer, came back and revived >Bloc! And thus, The Dark Brotherhood went back to >Bloc.



  • The Dark Brotherhood started off allied with Millenium and Imperium of Man.
  • The Major of Millenium disbanded his alliance.
  • Kirino of Imperium of Man was defeated by a coalition of alliances and disbanded.
  • Sebastian Thor of Thy Imperium of Mankind replaced Kirino's Imperium of Man.
  • Joined The People's Confederate Union also known as PCU.
  • PCU collapsed.
  • Joined CHOAM.

The People's Confederate Union